Jan. 8th, 2017 05:36 pm
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..well, now, that's a lie.

only about half of this is f-locked. Most of the personal stuff. Most of the sensitive stuff (save for fanworks). Most of the stuff that I looked at and thought, 'hey, I should definitely lock this'.

If you'd like to see that stuff, throw me a comment.
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hell yes it's time for some KNOWLEDGE

I want you all to appreciate how much pain I had to endure for these pictures, regardless of the fact they aren't very good :|c

moving on
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todayyyyy was pretty okay, as it stands. I'm about to get up and make some baked mac'n'cheese so that's exciting. I though about playing Skyrim and then decided against it and may have decided for it again? I'm not sure. I tend to be kind of silly.

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whew this was longer than I expected. But I was really excited about coming home to write, so that's a good sign. I hope it keeps up because even if no one is actually listening it's nice to think I have someone to talk to. :3 Blathering at and all that.

Maybe I can post my recipes once in a while. Hearthwitches cook a lot, yknow. :3 (and the sauce I'm making for the baked m'n'c is based off of this sauce, except I make a little more and also FUCK AMERICAN CHEESE, I use Colby and sharp cheddar instead. The pasta I have is shaped like screws (for exactly the reasons my RP//fandom friends are thinking) and after I stir in the pasta and pour it all into a dish, I slather it in grated cheeses and bake it for about an hour.
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ganked it from Mozart, who got it here!

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...somehow the sunsign Libra reading is almost completely wrong, but the moonsign Aquarius one is almost to the letter. THIS IS NEW FOR ME WHAT
also the Gemini one needs to be paid attention to. Just because I sound antagonistic doesn't mean I meant to be. :|a
also also, my entire generation so does not idealize work like I do, what the fuck. Half of the cashier staff at Lowe's totally no-call-no-show'd into being without work :|a

(and I enjoy watching everyone's minds work.)

new year's!

Jan. 1st, 2012 03:26 pm
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it's new year's day and here we are, staring at my long empty blog and the prospect of a new year ahead. My resolutions are pretty simple; last year there were a shitload of them and I think that all bogged me down quite a ways, on top of the extreme change in the last few months of the year. Honestly I've never really taken much stock in New Year's Day, for the same reason I don't take stock in birthdays: I usually don't give a good goddamn. As far as I'm concerned, today could be the last day I live. There's no reason to celebrate it.

But I'm just kind of scary like that, I suppose.

I'm on my lunch break so I'll have to make this short and sweet.

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Hot damn, new journal. :3 I'll have to post in it over the next few days.


/extremely intelligent first post

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